By - Jessie Morgan

Poker Glossary

Face Down  : The player receives cards face down, invisible to other players.

Face Up  : Card visible.

Family pot  : Refers to a pot in which the majority of the players at the table are involved.

Fifth Street  : corresponds to the fifth card distributed to stud poker players (and the third round of betting).

Flop  : The first three common face up cards in the board are called Flop, all dealt at the same time in Texas Hold’em.

Flush, flower (color)  : Hand made up of five cards from the same family.

Fold  : pass, lie down. The player will play the next game. Synonymous with Drop.

Fold and Show  : Fold and show their cards (generally to invite the winner to reveal their game to you which you will not see a priori since you have not paid for)

Forced Bet  : or blind. An entry wager is required. Synonymous with Bring-in.

Four of a Kind (Square)  : Four cards of the same rank, also called “Poker”. Ex: 4 kings.

Fourth Street (Fourth Street)  : corresponds to the fourth card distributed to players in 7-card stud poker.

Freeroll (Free Game)  : Access to tournaments and bets in these tournaments are free.

Full (full house, full hand)  : Hand made up of a set and a pair. Sometimes called “full hand”.

Get chips  : Clickable icon to buy online poker chips.

Go to Table  : icon meaning “go to the table” in online poker. Note that very often you can simply double-click on the chosen table.

H / hr  : In online poker, “hands / hour” is the number of hands played per hour. This ratio makes it possible to realize the speed of the game at a table.

Hand (Blow)  : Unit of action comprised between the placing of the ante by all (or the blind and the overblind) and the allocation of the pot to the winner (s).

Hand history  : In online poker, thanks to this function you can find the history of your hands (or those of your opponents).

Heads Up  : when only two players can claim to win the pot.

Head to Head  : game allowing two players only.

Hearts  : Heart

High Card  : refers to the highest ranking card.

High / Low, Hi / Lo  : Variant in which the stronger hand and the weaker hand share the pot. Usually played in Omaha or Stud. Most poker tables consider the smallest hand to be 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace (the wheel, white straight), although this otherwise means a straight.

Hole  : refers to the hidden (closed) cards of a hand.

Hunt  : With strong raises, force other players to leave the pot.

ignorant end  : The lowest end of a sequence.

In  : designates a player who has bet: he has not passed.

Inside Straight  : when the player has 4 of the 5 cards needed to get a straight in hand and receives the last missing card. Example: he has cards 3, 4, 5, 7 and he needs a 6 to form his suite. If he receives the missing card, he will do an inside straight (he will form his suite thanks to this missing card).

Jack  : Valet.

Jackpot  : large jackpot put into play by the poker room.

Jjammed  : Pot that has been raised several times.

Kicker  : card used to decide between two pairs or two double pairs between two players. For example an Ace with a pair.

Leave Table  : “Leave Table” in online poker. Use this button when you want to leave. Your stack will be added to your account credit and you will free up your seat at the table. You can also leave a table by closing the window but for security reasons, use this button.

Limit  : For “auction” you can read NL for No Limit, PL for Pot Limit or L for Limit.

Limp in  : The act of underplaying a hand before the flop by only calling, after a long hesitation (also known as Slow Play).

Lobby (main screen)  : Literally translated, we will speak of “entrance hall”. This is the main screen, the one on which all the links are present and where most of the information relating to the parties is gathered.

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