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Great news! We have updated our RSS channel, so now we are running a new blog called "Mapping Techniques". It's now more convenient to read blog on-line. As powered by boastMachine, a powerful web-log solution, you can make your comments about posts, you have a various subscription options and much more... You can still read blog as an RSS (we are going to run it full-content) here.   

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News and featured articles about knowledge representation. Learn about mind maps, concept maps, process maps and other visualization techniques. Learn more about knowledge visualization and representation

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AKS-Labs is running the RSS feed called “Knowledge Representation News” where you can learn more about knowledge visualization and representation. Find here news about different knowledge management and representation techniques, such as mind, concept and process mapping.

Get business-related news, such as using mind mapping or process mapping to streamline business process. Learn how do well-know companies benefit from using knowledge visualization techniques.

Find out how you can benefit from using mind mapping for life management and improving your own work process.

Finally, there are a lot of software products that base on mind mapping, you will find short reviews of these piece of software and real opinions of existent users as every message in RSS has a link to original page - Mind Pad on-line forum, where people discuss most interesting questions.












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