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We have received a Lost Weight mind map created in Mind Pad. This map was contributed by Kate from Australia. We thank Kate for sharing her experience with Mind Pad and sharing this map. Hope you'll find it useful too!

Kate used Mind Pad to create her personal Lost Weight mind map. Find the chat conversation text, published with Kate's permission.

Bob (AKS-Labs) > Hello, Kate. Thank you for sharing your map with other. Could you please let users of our program know more about using this map for weight lost!

Kate > Hi! Well, I've read many books, articles and web-sites about weight lost and I have a lot of useful information and I was looking for some way to structure it. I faced a lot of facts and mind mapping with Mind Pad helped me a lot.

Lost weight map

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Bob > Do you think others can use your map?

Kate > Sure! I've deleted my personal notes and left only most common principles. I think that anyone can download this map and start filling it with new topics, ideas, notes, plans!

Bob > You have used Mind Pad. I'm sure you have browsed for other tools too. Why you stopped our product?

Kate > Well, frankly I'm going to use mapping not only for weight lost, but for other personal and business need. So I needed a good tool. "Lost weight" map was just a start. I like Mind Pad for two main reasons: it's almost 40% chipper that competitors (i'm sure everybody know these products), in Mind Pad I was able to create "Person"s. I'm sure you can imagine that almost every map have a related people, so Persons in Mind Pad is a great way to represent information.

Mind Pad Newsletter - mind maps problems discussion, Mind Pad updatesBob > We worked hard to create this feature. I'm sure we will continue designing some custom frames (such as Person). Some information for our users about Person Frame: Contact Map.

Kate, thank you for your answers and sharing "Weight lost" map with others. Keep having a good experience with Mind Pad!

Sample maps


Lost Weight Map

This is a sample of lost weight map created in Mind Pad. Contributed by Kate from Australia. 

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Map as a text

1. Lost Weight
1.1. Plan
1.1.1. Long-Term Plan
1.1.2. Maintaining lost weight
1.1.3. Be motivated Stay motivated on your way towards permanent weight loss
1.2. Diet
1.2.1. Calories
1.2.2. Meals patterns
1.2.3. Not eating wrong foods Keep a Diary - Keeping a food diary can be a huge asset in successful weight loss.
1.3. Health
1.3.1. Stay Focused on Healthy, Not Thin
1.3.2. Healthy habits
1.4. Exercise
1.4.1. Check your fitness level
1.4.2. Make an exercise plan It's nothing new, but exercise is probably the most important predictor of whether you will succeed at long term weight loss and weight loss maintenance.
1.5. Support
1.5.1. Friends
1.5.2. Get Support - A big key in long term weight control comes from receiving encouragement and support from others.


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