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Mind Pad Newsletter, Issue 3, June 9, 2005

Mind mapping is a common approach to lighten different types of work and even life itself. This newsletter will show you how to manage your life and work with mind maps and how to help yourself in different activities.

Create a mind map of your life

All of us live in very dynamic time with furious pace.  In such conditions we can use different methods, trying to keep control under our life. If you want your life to be transparent and clear, you can try to begin using life management methods and mind mapping technologies.

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 Article topics:

  1. What is life management. Life management Ė is a complex dynamic system, consisting of a several interconnected parts.
  2. Using mind maps in strategical planning. Define your main goal as a central topic. Do your best to create this mapís style as far as possible suitable for you. Use icons and marks.
  3. Get the map of your life. Many problems could be solved without your direct interference in it. Brain is organized in a background thinking way and many tasks are operated while you are busy with different problems. So, if you will have a plan, goal in an easy traced view your life may became to change according your conception.

Starting documenting with mind maps

Almost all activities such as project start-up, strategy development, risk management, process improvement, etc, require documenting.

You can use mind maps almost for 80% of the lifecycle: brainstorming, clustering (also known as meta-planning), elaboration, prioritization & documentation. You can draft processes in mind map software and construct any documentation before final formatting within PowerPoint or Word.

The main advantage of using mind maps for documenting is that you can see the whole structure of document set at one glance. It helps to not become involved in all complicated interdependencies between different documents.

Also you can use linking to support the whole project through its mind map.

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How to increase your retention of written information?

If you want to read texts more effectively, you can try to use SQ3R-technique.

The acronym SQ3R stands for the five sequential techniques:

- Survey - you should pick up a shallow overview of the text before reading it

- Question - what are yours study goals?

- Read - take care to understand all the points and take notes in Mind Map format

- Recall - after each section of the text

- Review - as a whole.

SQ3R is a useful technique for extracting the maximum amount of benefit from your reading time.

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Mind mapping and Six Sigma process

As different researches show, 38% companies use Six Sigma process.

The fundamental objective of Six Sigma is the implementation of measurement-based strategies focused on reducing flaws, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Achieving Six Sigma requires mastering several stages: defining the process in question, measuring its performance, analyzing its effectiveness, implementing improvements, and controlling improvements over the long term.

You can use mind map to support Six Sigma processes.

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How to keep your strategic plans focused on one core vision?  

You know that your employees should see the company's goals through their duties and opportunities. But usually you canít be convinced of how well they understand your companyís culture and mission.

Today many companies are using mind mapping to keep individual and company goals top of mind, because mind mapping as a teamwork allows everyone on the team to brainstorm ideas and perceptions about future expectations, helps teams to be on the point.

It gives the group an opportunity to broaden their thinking on the companyís vision.
To make it works, employees should be encouraged to begin the mind-mapping process by documenting what they perceive as the groupís major goals and purpose.

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