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As Mind Pad newsletter is still a valuable source of information for users of Mind Pad you can read Mapping Tech Blog.

What's the difference:

  • With Blog you have a well-structured represented posts information;

  • You can subscribe to blog with any RSS reader (on-line or off-line);

  • You can comment posts you are interested in; 

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Mind Pad Newsletter - mind maps problems discussion, Mind Pad updatesWhile downloading Mind Pad you can sign up for the free Mind Pad  email newsletter. 

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Issue 4, July 5, 2005: Mind mapping with Mind Pad 2.0

Issue 3, June 9, 2005 : Mind map applications

Issue 2, February 14, 2005: Contact map Mind Pad, concept mapping

Issue 1, 22 December, 2004: Mind Pad pre-release note


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