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Map your ideas paperless, painless with Mind Pad

Mind Pad 3.1 the concept mapping software is now available, Mind Pad will help you to outline and represent visually your ideas. Check Mind Pad homepage.

Knowledge flow - is the most important for companies now

Information flow is what is really necessary for business management and growth. There a number of measure and control techniques, most are about managing information. We have designed Mind Pad to help managing business knowledge.  

Measure and control business performance with Strategy2Act and Mind Pad. (39 pages, 746 KB)

Idea Life-cycle
Mind Pad supports idea life-cycle. Let's think about ideas as something we catch, manage and use to act. 
Catch Idea > Manage Idea > Convert Idea to action
Idea management methods Share idea with others

Read more: Mind Pad 2.0.

Mind Pad 2.0. Beta version is now available. Click to download.


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Mind Pad provides easy mind mapping

Map your ideas paperless, painless!

Mind Pad is a mind mapping software designed to help businesses and individuals grow.

Mind Pad has the lowest pricing in comparison to other popular business and personal mind mapping tools. See details... 



Knowledge Management techniques:

  • Mind mapping. An effective technique for visual knowledge representation is mind mapping. Mind mapping allows structuring thoughts, questions and project objectives to form a “map”. Learn more about mind mapping in Mind Mapping Forum Experience.   

  • Concept mapping. Concept mapping helps represent the available information visually in a comprehensive and clear manner. This is an easy way to gather and communicate information.

  • Process mapping. Process mapping helps represent the work processes visually and identify problem areas and opportunities for process improvement. 

Mind Pad news

We have started a web-blog on mind and concept mapping technologies.

Concept mapping article in educational "Knowledge management information" section.

Mind Pad released.

AKS-Labs has released a version 1.2 of Strategy2Act software. Strategy2Act is a Windows program that supports a balanced score card conception to connect strategy to action. Read more...

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